Community leaders gathered for Breakfast for Heroes Thursday, May 9, at the Superior Shores resort to honor the services provided by local emergency responders. The Two Harbors Area Chamber of Commerce organized the event to thank the Lake County sheriff's deputies, state troopers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel and electrical linesmen.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Robert Wolfe, an emergency services doctor from Lake View Hospital in Two Harbors and North Shore Hospital in Cook County. Wolfe shared a story about helping a EMS team in Colorado save the life of a boy who ran into the back of a potato truck.

"They were looking for someone to respond and I thought, well, how hard can this be? I have a whole new appreciation for the work emergency responders do now," Wolfe said. "They're the people out doing chest compressions while battling the bumpy roads. It's hard enough to put an IV in while in the sterile environment in the ER, let along the back of an ambulance."

Wolfe cited the strong community partnerships between the various emergency services as part of the reason he wanted to move to the North Shore. He thanked the various branches of first responders for their service.

Silver Bay Mayor Scott Johnson echoed Wolfe's thanks adding that the emergency responders "make our communities a better place to live." He also added a special thanks to Doug Frericks, the retiring police chief of Silver Bay.

"It's very much a good news/bad news thing for Doug to be retiring," Johnson said. "He'll definitely be missed when he leaves us in August and we're thankful for his years of service."

The event closed with recognition of the various branches of first responders receiving awards for their service and a rendition of "God Bless the USA" by vocalist Warren Miller.