April 24, 1919

Seniors of 1919 to give class play

All aboard for the senior class play.

In consequence of a long period of preparation the play of 1919 promises to be one of exceptional worth. "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary" was chosen only after long consideration. It was found that this play has been successful in both professional and amateur theatricals and also in the movies.

It is a difficult production, but the characters chose for the various parts are eminently capable of doing justice to their school and may be depended upon to satisfy a critical audience.

In this play, Florence Christensen, as Aunt Mary, exhibits an endless amount of faith and patience. She trustingly pays all the bills incurred by her college student nephew, Edwin Emmett. However, there is a limit to everything and after the expenditure of too frequent enormous sums of money, she decides to investigate and leaves for the college town. Her arrival creates the next thing to an earthquake and the rest you will learn on Friday, May 2, in the Two Harbors High School auditorium. Tickets are 35 cents.

April 27, 1944

Lead called to Fort Snelling causing change in dates for senior class play

The senior class play, "Mignonette" which was originally set for tomorrow and Saturday evenings will have to be presented this evening and Friday evening due to the fact that Paul Westin, who has a lead in the play, has been given governmental orders to report to Fort Snelling on Saturday in regard to the naval reserve program.

April 24, 1969

Bill to get small craft ports set

Re. Ulland and Rep. France took the initial legislative stop in the House of Representatives to create two additional small craft harbors on the North Shore. The proposed harbors would be located in Silver Bay and Lutsen areas if the bill introduced on April 19 passes.

An appropriation of $55,000 from the natural resources fund was requested. The sum would be allocated to the Commissioner of Conservation for the construction.

The late introduction of the harbor bill was caused by extensive planning sessions with the Commissioner of Conservation.

April 24, 1969

Band, orchestra to make '69 tour

Fresh from winning superior ratings at a music event held for district schools in Silver Bay last Thursday, some 70 Two Harbors high school instrumental musicians set out that eventing for a tour, which took them to various points in western Minnesota and North Dakota. The group returned here late Sunday afternoon.