April 10, 1919

Overseas fighting tank here this week, Friday and Saturday

The people of Two Harbors cannot well go to France or Belgium to see the devastated area, but on Friday and Saturday of this week, they will all be privileged to see an overseas fighting tank, not a tank picture, not a toy or an imitation tank, but a real fighting machine - a machine that has done battle for America and the Allied cause in the Argonne Forest in France.

This tank is a Yankee invention. This is the machine that sent the cold shivers up and down the spine of the enemy. This is a battle-scarred tank. It is mounted with the very guns that belched forth the deadly fire which drove the Germans from that bloodiest battle field in which the American troops participated, the Argonne Forest.

Let every man, woman and child in Two Harbors not only see this tank, but examine it, see it operate and hear its tuns roar.

The tank will be at the corner of First Avenue and Poplar Street. A program is being arranged, music will be furnished and a grand parade organized. Speakers will speak from the top of the tank.

The farmers from the surrounding area are urged to spend Saturday afternoon in town and participate in this great event. This should be an occasion of great rejoicing because of the victory accomplished and because of the hope which has been raised in human hearts that henceforth there may be war no more forever.

April 10, 1969

8 city officials face court action

Action by the Two Harbors City Council Monday evening in the form of a resolution hiring Mitchel Costley as city attorney triggered an immediate repercussion from M. Albert Henry, who has served in that capacity for a number of years.

The repercussion came in the form of a complaint and summons directed against Mayor Battaglia and the seven individual members of the council. The complaint and summons was served at the meeting on the city officials by a Lake County deputy sheriff, present in the meeting room.

Named as defendants in an action in district court were Battaglia, Charles R. Christensen, Arvid J. Engstrom, Ronald A Erno, Charles M. Nelson, Waddon Johnson, Bernel Rees and Earl. H. Meyer, all in their capacity as city councilmen of Two Harbors.

Defendants were "required to serve upon the plaintiff's attorneys an answer to the complaint within 20 days after its service."

The complaint by Henry said that the action, the effect of which was to remove the plaintiff from his appointed position as city attorney, was "taken without cause, without furnishing the plaintiff with a copy of the charges and without affording the plaintiff a reasonable opportunity to be heard in person or by counsel in his own defense."