Jan. 6, 1944

Auto deaths zero in county

Lake County is numbered among the counties in the state that had no fatal auto accidents in the first nine months of the past year. Also, it had none during the entire year.

The report is published as part of the Minnesota Safety Program of the Department of Highways.

University geologists report on ores

"It is very likely that the high grade iron ores of Minnesota will be nearing exhaustion within the next 30 or 40 years and therefore, the future of the iron ore industry in Minnesota depends largely on how well the technical, economic and political problems connected with the industry are solved."

From the geologist's point of view, this is probably the most authoritative statement made in recent years on Minnesota iron ore, as it is included in the foreword to a new bulletin of the Minnesota Geological Survey, "Mineral Resources of Minnesota," edited by professors William H. Emmons and Frank F. Grout, senior members of the University of Minnesota's department of geology. The present bulletin is a condensation of the surveys work of recent years.

Continuing the comment on iron ore, they say: "The Mesabi Range has probably reached its zenith in less than 50 years since the discovery of ore at Mountain Iron. Yet there are many millions of low-grade, iron-bearing material on that range and it is not too early to plan for its utilization."

Jan. 9, 1969

Coast Guard ends Split Rock light

As of the end of 1968, the U.S. Coast Guard has stepped out of the picture at a famous North Shore scenic spot: the lighthouse at Split Rock.

This decision ends more than half a century of service to shipping on the Great Lakes by the U.S. Coast Guard at Split Rock. The present lighthouse was constructed in 1910.

Lt. George R. Bannon, Duluth, commanding officer of this district of the U.S. Coast Guard, said that the property involved has been turned over to the General Service Administration, a government agency charged with disposal of government properties.

"With the increasing use of electronic communication and warning systems," LT. Bannon said. "The light at Split Rock no longer serves an essential or useful purpose as an aid to Lakes navigation. For that reason and because of commitments by the U.S. Coast Guard at stations throughout the world, the site has been abandoned as a Coast Guard station."