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DNR Report: Sept. 1

Conservation Officer Don Murray (Two Harbors) worked bear baiting and fishing activity during the week. Fishing remained good on Lake Superior this week. Nuisance bear and beaver complaints were taken and questions on the upcoming hunting seasons were answered.

Conservation Officer David Schottenbauer (Silver Bay) worked area bear bait activity this week. Time was once again spent down at Camp Ripley wrapping up officer training.

Conservation Officer Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) spent the week checking bear baits. The officer patrolled the area for ATV activity and monitored state parks. Enforcement action was taken for big game and ATV violations.

Conservation Officer Anthony Bermel (Babbitt) worked bear baiting activity with some baits getting hit. Time was also spent on the water and enforcement action was taken on license violations.

Conservation Officer Sean Williams (Ely 1) reports bear baiting enforcement continued to be the focus over the week. Bear activity has increased and most of the baits checked showed recent bear activity. Violations included baiting bear with solid waste.

Conservation Officer Marty Stage (Ely) found fishing to be good for those that were out on the lakes. The fall colors are starting and the dogbane leaves are turning yellow. Fall is definitely here. Remember to wear your PFD as the water is going to be colder from here on out.

Conservation Officer Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) attended yearly in-service training at Camp Ripley. He did a commercial minnow retailer inspection and continued checking bear baits for compliance. Enforcement action was taken for no minnow retailer's license and for failing to drain water related equipment.

Conservation Officer Mary Manning (Grand Marais East) helped teach firearms and defensive tactics at annual staff training at Camp Ripley. The officer also attended training on Fourth Amendment issues while at Ripley and back at home checked bear bait stations and ATV operators. Manning assisted with a search for a party in Judge Magney State Park who had dialed 911; after a thorough search of the area by law enforcement and parks staff it was determined that the call had been accidental and there was no emergency.

Conservation Officer Keith Olson (Lake Superior Marine Unit) worked Lake Superior and the Duluth-Superior Harbor. The wet and rainy weather kept many activities curtailed over the weekend. Olson responded to the U.S. Coast Guard with the report of a teenage male swept into Lester River; the victim was recovered by Duluth Police and Fire departments. With an unfortunate outcome, area rivers and streams are near spring water levels due to the recent high rainfall. Bear complaints continue to come in as they are putting on calories for the impending season change. Hunting questions were fielded and aquatic invasive species enforcement was also worked at area public accesses, with good compliance found.

Conservation Officer Matt Miller (Lake Superior Marine Unit) checked anglers on Lake Superior who found good success with lake trout between storms. In-service training was attended at Camp Ripley and wild rice conditions and harvesters checked. Substantial rainfall has led to high rivers and ponds in some places. Enforcement action was taken for ATV violations.