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Getting real numbers is critical to wildlife conservation efforts

Last fall at the beginning of the wolf hunting season, the DNR claimed a wolf population of 3,000. Since 413 were killed during hunting season this would leave a population of 2587. The DNR claims a present population of only 2211. What happened to the other 376 wolves? Wolves had a very good winter. Also, what happened to the pups born this spring which would bring the total present wolf population well over 3500. This is using a very conservative estimate on the number of pups born this spring.

Two weeks ago my son, Daniel, who lives on Highway 3 in Lake County, was returning home near dusk when he had to make a quick stop. There were 20 wolves crossing the highway near the Gooseberry River -- 9 adults and 11 pups; quite a litter. Wolf litters range from four to 11 pups. Two years ago near this same spot, Dan discovered two moose calf carcasses, also a cow apparently killed while defending her calf.

We are only asking that nature be kept in balance as well as possible. Ten years ago we had a thriving Moose herd now they are in danger of getting wiped out if the wolves are not controlled. Moose calves are especially vulnerable. Many of our outdoorsmen will contend that Minnesota has well over 4000 wolves. The best way to do an animal survey is to get out in the woods. Doing one from behind a desk has never been too reliable.