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DNR report: Dec. 23

Lake County

Brad Johnson (Silver Bay) checked anglers on inland lakes and Lake Superior. Checked one snowmobile trying the first snow. Received a TIP report of illegal deer taking. Travelled around the district testing communications equipment.

North Shore

Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) assisted the Cook County Sheriff's Department with the court house shooting in Grand Marais. At times like this, we can all be grateful for the great working relationships between departments especially in small communities. Continued to check early season walleye anglers. Walleye fishing has been exceptionally good.

Mary Manning (Hovland) checked anglers and folks spearing northern pike. Lake ice has benefitted from cold temperatures and lack of snow. Responded to a report of an injured eagle and an alarm at a state park.

Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) checked ice anglers and monitored ATV activity. Ice thickness is beginning to improve but people should always use caution. Responded to a car kill moose, continued to follow up on trapping investigations, and returned calls to people who were confused about the upcoming trout openers.


Kipp Duncan (Duluth) spent time checking winter fishing. Trapping enforcement was also checked during the week. Time was also spent doing office work that involved follow-up on a couple fall deer hunting cases that are waiting for charging. A day was spent at an area high school talking with classes about the job as a conservation officer.

Randy Hanzal (Duluth) spent time catching up with reports and filing of cases with the county attorney's office. Also, time was spent preparing for some upcoming testimony in court. Another person was caught hunting deer over a baited area. Computer training and other maintenance issues were also conducted during the week.

Lake Superior

Marine Unit

Keith Olson (Lake Superior Marine Unit) checked ice anglers in the Duluth area and St. Louis River. Time was spent on a grant wrap up and information. Winter training set up with the USCG Station. A safety talk with RTO Patten was presented to Coast Guard personnel. Maintenance items tended to.

Troy Ter Meer (Lake Superior Marine Unit) checked anglers, cleared out evidence from the deer season, and attended some meetings.

Matt Miller (Lake Superior Marine Unit) wrapped up November checks on commercial herring netters. Meetings were attended, and equipment maintenance taken care of. A Two Harbors-area resident was found burning brush piles that contained, among other prohibited materials, old seats taken out of a car. Enforcement action was taken for burning violations.