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DNR report: Sept. 24

Reports filed Sunday from area conservation officers for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Dan Thomasen (Two Harbors) took a call about a poached moose. When he arrived at the location where the inedible parts of the animal had been dumped, he discovered that it was not a moose but a steer someone had butchered. Numerous calls about nuisance beaver have been referred to trappers. TIP complaints are coming in about archery hunters hunting over bait.

North Shore

Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) worked opener for small game and archery deer. The back roads were very busy with hunters. Attended "Street Survival" training in Bloomington. Fielded reports of bear left in the woods with a lot of the meat left to rot. Bear hunters are reminded that any usable part of the bear must be used or it is considered wonton waste.


Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) checked small game hunters during the opening weekend. Grouse hunters were everywhere. It seems like more and more people are discovering this neck of the woods, making it harder to find trails that haven't been hunted. Saw many birds before the season, but now those young ones have been either shot or pushed off the roadway because there weren't as many around by Sunday. Many bear hunters checked had passed on several bears waiting for the big bruin. Reports now are that many of the bears are hitting the baits at night. Several canoes were seen paddling overloaded in the high winds during the week, the making of a very dangerous situation as water surface temps start to fall into the lower 50s.


Mary Manning (Hovland) checked grouse hunters during a busy opening weekend. Worked area rivers during the ongoing salmon run and took a couple reports of individuals snagging fish. Bear bait stations were checked and compliance is good with removal of signs this season. Attended a regional meeting and training.


Mark Fredin (Aurora) worked a youth waterfowl hunt and saw some were able to get in some shooting. The birds flying were mostly mallards, woodies, and teal. Grouse hunting opened and most reported seeing a few. Investigated an accidental shooting where two people were walking side by side grouse hunting and one accidentally pulled the trigger on his shotgun, sending bird shot into the others calf. A medical check revealed around nine pellets lodged.


Marty Stage (Ely) traveled into the BWCAW checking canoers, fishermen, and hunters. Registrations, no fishing license, and people keeping smallmouth bass were encountered. Anglers are reminded that the season closed for smallmouth Sept. 13. Very few of the fishermen that were contacted were aware of the yearly closure. Luckily most had not caught any bass since fishing was slow.


Kipp Duncan (Duluth) attended a regional meeting. Office work involved several call backs for many different concerns and questions. Enforcement work involved checking small game hunters, archery deer, fisherman, and working night deer shining complaint areas.