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DNR report: Aug. 27

Reports filed Sunday from area conservation officers for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Dan Thomasen (Two Harbors) assisted volunteer instructors at a firearms safety field day in Silver Bay. Complaints of bear baiters not getting along are starting to come in. Tampering with other hunters' baits, removing signs and then placing their own are just some of the complaints fielded. Hunters are reminded to be respectful of other hunters on public lands, where first come, first served tends to be the rule. If someone beats you to your favorite spot, find another spot rather than being the type of hunter others complain about.


John Velsvaag (Ely) checked anglers and bear baits this past week. Observed a few active bear baits and a few nice walleyes. Took a fishing complaint and also attended training in Two Harbors.


Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) spent the week monitoring bear bait activity. Attended a district meeting in Two Harbors. Reports of an injured loon and deer were addressed and nuisance bear complaints were handled. Time was also spent working invasive species and checking on burning of prohibited material complaints.


Marty Stage (Ely) worked boating enforcement and received calls about road-killed deer and nuisance wolves on campsites. Traffic in the BWCAW has slowed a little, but there are still a lot of people in the woods. Bear baiting has begun as well. Several wetland violations were investigated. Remember that canoes used in Minnesota need to be registered.


Mary Manning (Hovland) talked to anglers and boaters at Lake Superior accesses about invasive species and required safety equipment; found few fish and few required visual distress signals. While working a TIP complaint, the officer noted that not one boat observed had its lights on within half an hour of sunset. Manning also checked bear bait stations, answered calls about nuisance bears and attended a district meeting and training.

Marine Unit

Keith Olson (Lake Superior Unit) spent the week checking anglers and boaters on Lake Superior. Time was also spent on maintenance items. Bear baits are being established. Wolf complaints are starting to pick up. He attended a District 6 and 8 area meeting in Two Harbors.


Matt Miller (Lake Superior Unit) checked anglers and boaters on Lake Superior. Humid air and cold water temps created quite a fog bank during a busy boating and angling weekend.

One early morning, while checking anglers in a heavy fog bank several miles from shore, the officer noticed a small brown bat flying alongside the patrol boat.

The bat stayed with the officer for several minutes, apparently mistaking the boat for the nearest piece of land. After a while, the bat took off in a direction he must have thought involved dry ground, even though it took a compass and a GPS for the officer to remain oriented.