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DNR report: July 23

Reports filed Sunday from area conservation officers for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Dan Thomasen (Two Harbors) investigated the report of a canoe being stored illegally within one of the state parks. A train-killed moose was handled late one night. Met with the assistant county attorney about some outstanding cases which are headed for prosecution.


Randy Hanzal (Duluth) reported a couple of water resource issues. In one case a person decided that this low-water period would make a good time to do some dredging in an area lake. In another case a person found out that any removal of emergent vegetation from a waterway requires a permit.

Hopefully, ripening wild berries will start to distract those bears from people's garbage and bird feeders as problem bear calls are still common place in the station. Calls about an injured fawn and a couple of wolf pup's suffering from mange were also fielded.


Kipp Duncan (Duluth) continued to work fishing and boating enforcement. ATV enforcement continues to be worked. A few boat accesses were worked during the week focusing on invasive species enforcement and education.

A couple site visits were completed during the week that involved complaints of possible violations of digging in a lake and changing a shoreline. Also completed a facility inspection for a soon-to-be wildlife rehabilitator.


Water Resource Enforcement Officer Mike Scott (Northeast Minnesota) staffed a booth with the Minnesota Sea Grant at the Maritime Museum in Canal Park over the weekend educating the general public on Aquatic Invasive Species issues.

Excellent weather brought people out in record numbers to Canal Park for the Lake Superior Days event and discussions ranged from aquatic invasive species to water access and appropriations.

Talked with people from many areas of the state, as well as people visiting from other states as far south as Florida, and west as California. Information was exchanged about the issues present in Minnesota and how they compared to other states, and how Minnesota seemed to be more aggressive than some other states with similar issues.

Also worked on a public waters issue in the Grand Marais area and discussed the impact with others within the DNR as well as the local governments.


Troy Ter Meer (Marine Unit) check anglers, boaters, and commercial fisherman on Lake Superior. He also checked ATV activity. Assisted an area officer on a boating complaint. Enforcement action was taken for boating, angling, and ATV violations.


Keith Olson (Marine Unit) checked anglers and boaters in the area. Fielded questions regarding invasive species, new boat plug laws, and use of bait in Lake Superior.


Matt Miller (Lake Superior Marine Unit) assisted the Lake County Sheriff's Office with the rescue of two canoeists who capsized their canoe in the waters off of Beaver Bay.

Extremely cold water temps and a moderate wind very nearly resulted in two fatalities, prevented only by life jackets, strong determination, and a lot of luck. Boaters in a craft of any size need to be aware of the conditions and their abilities before venturing onto Lake Superior. Chinook salmon were willingly biting for anglers in the Silver Bay Salmon Classic.

Assistance given to the local police department with a group of juveniles shooting out windows with BB guns. Inventory details were completed for retiring Lt. Johnson, who will be missed by his district officers.


Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) checked anglers and boat and water safety equipment. He took phone calls on pigeons and more questions on the crow season. Also attended a meeting with the U.S. Coast Guard.


Mary Manning (Hovland) took a few calls on nuisance bears. Patrolled inland lakes and Lake Superior. Worked the Salmon Classic and checked anglers and boaters in the Silver Bay area with Wahlstrom.

One kayaker tried the excuse that he had so many boats that he had forgotten to renew the one he was in. The excuse did not hold water.


Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) patrolled the BWCAW with Schottenbauer. Handled nuisance bear and beaver complaints.

Worked the Salmon Classic in Silver Bay on Lake Superior with Manning. Some nice salmon and lakers were entered in the contest. Enforcement action was taken for boating, angling and ATV violations.