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Nicklay hangs around to raise funds

Students paid 50 cents and lined up to tape William Kelley School principal, Joe Nicklay, to the wall during the Feb. 25 Cook County vs. Silver Bay boys' hockey game. The money raised will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Photo by Michelle Ketola.1 / 2
William Kelley students pose with Principal Joe Nicklay, who was taped to the wall. Students paid 50 cents per piece for the tape used and moneys raised were donated to ACS. Nicklay hung on the wall for half of a Cook County vs. Silver Bay basketball game. The students also volunteered to run throughout the stands for 75 seconds, raising as much money as possible for cancer research. Photo: Michelle Ketola2 / 2

In addition to a basketball game, fans at the Silver Bay vs. Cook County varsity boys' basketball game on Monday, Feb. 25, were treated to some extra entertainment and excitement. The game doubled as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life with a fun twist. Students purchased strips of duct tape for 50 cents and taped their principal, Joe Nicklay, to the wall.

After halftime, the stool upon which Nicklay stood, was removed, leaving him affixed to the vertical surface for the remainder of the game.

Later, volunteers participated in a 75-second bucket run. Every 75 seconds someone is diagnosed with cancer, so students ran through the stands with buckets to see how much they could collect in that same amount of time. Finally, for a sweet end to the evening, there was a bake sale featuring treats to satisfy every sweet tooth. In total, $900 was raised.