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Shoot a deer off your porch, maybe?

With an overpopulation of deer in the city, Two Harbors is looking at allowing archery hunting of white-tailed deer in city limits. File photo

With an overpopulation of deer in the city, Two Harbors may be ready to allow archery hunting of white-tailed deer.

"I'm 100 percent in favor of this," Mayor Randy Bolen told the News-Chronicle following a special City Council meeting Monday. "I believe it's a safety issue."

Bolen said he has heard of reports of timberwolves roaming the area looking for something to eat.

Most of the public at the meeting appeared to express similar concerns.

"We believe the city hunt is a good thing for the deer herd and people," said Casey Komarek, of the Drop Tine Chapter of Two Harbors, the local chapter of the Minnesota Deer Hunter's Association.

Komarek said the bigger the deer population, the more automobile accidents and diseases affecting both deer and their predators.

Curt Gadacz, who is not a bow hunter, also supported the measure.

"I'm a gardener," he said. "For the benefit of the deer herd, we need to thin them out."

But the deer -- who presumably would oppose being shot, by bows or otherwise -- did get some support, including from City Councilor Mary Henjum Rosati.

"I believe if you live in Northern Minnesota, you should expect wildlife," she told the News-Chronicle, adding that just because deer eat flowers doesn't mean they should be killed.

Jody Zastera of Two Harbors echoed that sentiment.

"I'm concerned about safety," she said, "and children playing in the woods."

Zastera went on to say that the city of Two Harbors is not big enough to have a bow hunt.

Drop Tine member Jeff Bright attempted to quash some of her fears, stating that it would be a good idea if the city limited the hunt to certain areas.

City Councilor Chris Swanson said the meeting was held to get public input on the proposed hunt.

The details of any hunt have yet to be worked out. Other cities in the area, including Duluth, have voted in similar measures.