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DNR Report: June 27

District 6

Two Harbors area

Conservation Officer Sean Williams (Ely) reports that another week of cooler, wet weather dominated the Ely area. Most anglers reported very little luck and only a few fish were seen. Violations included operating an ATV on a county highway and angling without a license in possession.

Conservation Officer Marty Stage (Ely) worked fishermen throughout the week. One group had been fishing with too many lines and had not purchased licenses. They were not happy to get tickets and felt that because they were heading into town shortly to get fishing licenses, they should not be cited. They said they had gotten to the cabin late the night before and just hadn’t had time to get to Ely to buy a license. Stage informed them that they had been observed fishing in the same place the night before. They had also been fishing the night before with too many lines. Their explanation for that was that it is legal to have two lines in Iowa.

Conservation Officer Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) checked anglers both inside and outside of the BWCA. Canoeists are reminded that canoes need current registration in order to be legal. Mosquitos and biting insects are still as aggressive as ever.

Conservation Officer Mary Manning (Hovland) worked angling and boating activity throughout the week and patrolled state parks and campgrounds. A remote BWCA patrol was conducted with other officers.  

Conservation Officer Anthony Bermel (Babbitt) mainly worked anglers, boaters, and ATV’s throughout the week. Enforcement action included various boating, angling, and ATV violations. Time was spent on a couple of ongoing investigations and a nuisance bear complaint.

Lake Superior Marine Unit

Sergeant Keith Olson (Lake Superior Marine Unit) worked ATV enforcement in the Brimson area. He also worked on watercraft maintenance tasks.

Conservation Officer Matt Miller (Lake Superior Unit) assisted with watercraft training for the recruits at the academy. An ATV stop found an operator who was warned for the same violation the previous week; progressive enforcement action was taken this time. Calls were returned in reference to commercial fishing, burning permits, and wildlife questions. Enforcement action was taken for ATV violations

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