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DNR report: Sept. 30

Dan Thomasen (Two Harbors) spent much of the past week assisting with security at the Pagami Creek fire. Many questions have been fielded as to how the forest fire will impact the upcoming moose hunt as well as other hunters and people wanting to recreate in the burn area.


Mark Fredin (Aurora) reports a grouse hunter saw a bird walking through grass and shot it only to find it was a rooster pheasant, well out of its normal area. He assisted State Patrol by stopping a vehicle they received driving complaints on. The driver's license was suspended, had no Minnesota driver's license, no insurance, and the vehicle was unregistered. He checked duck hunters and a few ducks were taken. Watched a group of duck hunters shoot water filled pop bottles and take pot shots at passing red wing black birds.

John Velsvaag (Ely) checked grouse and duck hunters this past week. Duck hunting was poor but grouse hunters did well. Checked on anglers and a trespassing call.

Marty Stage (Ely) was assigned to the Pagami Creek fire.

North Shore

Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) checked what few grouse hunters that were out during the week. A couple of camps were able to find enough grouse and walleyes for some surf and turf. Reminded some people that you can't set up camp on forest recreation campsites and leave them unattended for future use.

Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) was assigned to the Pagami Creek fire. Checked anglers and grouse hunters. Worked the waterfowl opener where few ducks were in the bag. Enforcement action was taken for watercraft and angling violations.

Mary Manning (Hovland) was assigned to the Pagami Creek fire.


Kipp Duncan (Duluth) spent time working archery deer hunting and small game enforcement. Time was also spent in the field following up on complaints of possible baiting violations and other concerns. Two separate moose were hit by vehicles that were handled during the week. Three firearms safety classes were attended, as well as a moose orientation for the upcoming moose season. Several calls reference hunter trespass, adult firearms safety, and deer shining complaints were taken during the week. A possible wetland violation is also being investigated.

Lake Superior

Keith Olson (Marine Unit) checked anglers on Lake Superior in the Duluth area. Bird hunters are starting to come out in force. Hunting questions are picking up in frequency. ATVs checked north of Duluth. Visited the North Shore on a work detail.

Troy Ter Meer (Marine Unit) was on fire duty most of the week. He also checked anglers and some are starting to catch a few lake trout from shore. Some small game, waterfowl, and archery deer enforcement was also done.

Matt Miller (Marine Unit) assisted inland officers with calls of car-hit moose and wolves. Reports were received of ATVs doing damage to area snowmobile trails. Although much of the land where these trails are located is unregulated for ATVs, the damage done lasts long into the winter season. Big game hunting questions were answered, and equipment maintenance was handled.


Saturday -- Minnesota moose season opener. Minnesota fall turkey opener.

Oct. 15 -- Minnesota pheasant opener.

Oct. 22 -- Minnesota beaver, muskrat, mink, otter, gray fox, red fox, raccoon trapping seasons open, north zone.

Nov. 5 -- Minnesota firearms deer opener.

Nov. 19 -- Wisconsin gun deer opener.

Nov. 26 -- Minnesota muzzleloader deer opener. Minnesota trapping opener for fisher, pine marten, bobcat.

Nov. 28 -- Wisconsin muzzleloader deer opener.