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Water advisories issued for several Duluth, North Shore beaches

People should avoid water contact at several beaches in Duluth and along the North Shore.

The Minnesota Department of Health today issued "water contact not recommended" advisories for beaches at the mouths of the Split Rock, Knife, French and Lester rivers; on Twin Points north of Gooseberry Falls State Park; at Burlington and Agate bays in Two Harbors; at Bluebird Landing north of Duluth; at the Clyde Avenue boat landing in Smithville: and at Boy Scout Landing near New Duluth.

Previous advisories remain in effect for the Minnesota Point Harbor Side/15th Street Beach and the 20th Street / Hearding Island Canal Beach.

Test of water samples from all the sites found elevated levels of E. coli bacteria, indicating the possible presence of fecal contamination.

Anyone who becomes ill after contact with beach water is asked to contact the Minnesota Department of Health at (877) 366-3455.