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Herbicides to be sprayed near TH

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Division of Forestry plans to spray herbicides in the Two Harbors area as a means to control vegetation in newly established forests.

Aerial applications are slated to begin approximately July 15 and continue through September 12, said a DNR press release issued Monday. They say signs will be posted on all herbicide treatment sites so young trees have a greater chance at survival.

"Herbicides are applied to state land to help establish new forests," explained Anna Heruth, area program forester. "Herbicides help minimize competition between existing vegetation and newly planted trees."

The DNR says it plants trees on state land to replace those that have been harvested, provide wildlife habitat, protect watersheds and "maintain the quality of state forests." They claim that the application of herbicides is part of the reforestation process and say that DNR foresters seeded over 415 acres and planted over 435 acres in the Two Harbors area in May.

More information about the DNR's forestry division can be found on the DNR website at