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DNR report: Aug. 5

Two Harbors

Dan Thomasen (Two Harbors) met with county officials about some wetlands issues, with more meetings and planning in the future. Monitored an ongoing problem on a trail where motor vehicles are illegally using a trail bridge to cross a river, thereby creating their own detour around a county bridge project on a rural county road. The illegal use of the trail and bridge are dangerous for users of the ATV trail and could damage the bridge.


Mark Fredin (Aurora) worked boating and fishing enforcement in the vacant Babbitt station. Received questions about hunting laws and any upcoming changes. Equipment maintenance was conducted.

North Shore

Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) checked anglers on Lake Superior and on designated trout lakes. Invasive species enforcement and education. Some anglers found with unclipped wild steelheads, which are unlawful to possess.

Thomas Wahlstrom (Tofte) responded to nuisance bear complaints. Monitored angling activity on Lake Superior with area officers. Illegal fish were a common problem this weekend with anglers on Lake Superior. Attended "use of force" training at Camp Ripley and addressed invasives with boaters and anglers.

Mary Manning (Hovland) checked anglers and boaters on inland lakes and Lake Superior and patrolled area campgrounds. Answered calls and questions about ATV operation, fish possession limits, camping time limits on state lands, nuisance beaver, overly-friendly skunks, dragons in the Grand Marais harbor, and one possible cougar heard prowling and screaming in the Hovland area. Completed state required trainings and dealt with office paperwork.


Kipp Duncan (Duluth) followed up on several duties that took a back seat during the state shutdown. Fishing and ATV enforcement was also worked. Witnessed an individual attempt to take a seagull with a baseball at a local softball field, which required a verbal warning and some teaching time about wildlife harassment. A home site visit resulted in educating a family about the laws on transporting fish and stocking them in their pond.

Randy Hanzal (Duluth) spent some time working on invasive species issues. Most anglers seem to be getting the message and doing their part draining, drying and inspecting to reduce the spread. Lot of water safety work was also done. Several life jacket issues were addressed. Many nuisance animal complaints were also fielded.

Marine Unit

Keith Olson (Lake Superior) spent the week checking recreational boaters and anglers on Lake Superior. Assisted officers with a drowning on Island Lake north of Duluth. Requested by Coast Guard to respond to a boat in distress 10 miles off shore as a very bad thunderstorm approached. The boat was located, the occupants transferred to the Coast Guard vessel, and towed to the Duluth harbor. Marine Unit officers also assisted Coast Guard with a security detail in the Duluth harbor late Sunday night involving several commercial vessels. Bear complaints are still being fielded within the city of Duluth. Also worked with Douglas County in Wisconsin about a stolen watercraft. Be aware of rip currents present off Lake Superior beaches.

Troy Ter Meer (Lake Superior) investigated a timber wolf complaint. Assisted with a drowning on Island Lake. Enforcement action on fishing violations and invasives in Duluth Harbor.

Matt Miller (Lake Superior) checked boaters and anglers along Lake Superior. Invasive species enforcement was worked with continued violations found. He assisted local agencies with assault and car crash calls. Equipment maintenance and transfer was handled. Enforcement action taken for ATV violations.