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DNR report: Feb. 4

Reports filed Sunday by conservation officers for the Minnesota DNR.

Dan Thomasen (Two Harbors) worked area snowmobile trails and noted that more riders from out of the area are finally starting to show up. The numbers of shore anglers along Lake Superior is starting to increase with this past week's mild temperatures. Thomasen attended the annual Cooties dinner at the Silver Bay Veterans Home, as well as a banquet for the DNR's volunteer safety instructors. Enforcement action was taken for a variety of snowmobile related violations.


Mark Fredin (Aurora) worked snowmobile trails and found them to be in excellent condition. Some remote fishing lakes were checked, the anglers were getting some nice walleyes. Fredin received a complaint of a wolf coming into the edge of town and attempting to take a small dog.

John Velsvaag (Ely) checked trout fishermen this past week. Velsvaag also responded to an ATV complaint and several snowmobile complaints in Ely. Velsvaag received questions on wolves and posting requirements for trespass problems.

Marty Stage (Ely) received a complaint of a wolf holding up under a sauna. The wolf would not leave when disturbed. He was suffering badly from mange and was cold and emaciated. Mange is a "density dependant" affliction that canines and other animals can get from being close together or in conditions where there is a population abundance. Fleas, that carry a mite, move from animal to animal. The mite then causes the animal to literally scratch its hair off. Many canines die, or barely survive through the cold Minnesota winters. It is common to find wolves, coyotes, and foxes holed up in barns and under decks when they are in such poor condition.

North Shore

Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) reports that slush is becoming an issue on a few lakes. Fishing activity was down during the week, but those who ventured out found some decent lake trout fishing. Anglers were checked on the designated trout lakes and the BWCA.

Mary Manning (Hovland) checked area lakes; slush is plentiful. The officer patrolled snowmobile trails and answered calls on snowmobile registrations. Manning also checked cross country ski passes, handled equipment maintenance issues, and helped a lost person find their way back to their cabin.


Kipp Duncan (Duluth) spent most of his work week on a snowmobile. This included checking area lakes for winter fishing and patrolling area trails for snowmobile violations. Time was spent focusing on speed enforcement, stop sign violations, and careless operation. Duncan also attended a district meeting with area officers.

Randy Hanzal (Duluth) spent lots of time patrolling by snowmobile during the week. Please be aware some large slushy areas are showing up on area lakes. Assistance was given to two people who became stranded after their snowmobile fell through one such spot. Over 60 new snowmobile enthusiasts were certified at a local safety class. The officer attended an appreciation banquet for area safety instructors.