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Letter: Don't feed the deer

(Minnesota Department of Natural Resources photo)

This is for the people who feel they need to feed the poor deer. How many roads and other people's property do these deer have to cross to get to you? Do you know you aren't disrupting the natural movement patterns of these animals?

Fawns have no fear of people and learn to associate people with food and not danger. You promote the spread of disease like brain fluke, which is killing our moose as well. It also can increase the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. Unnatural nose to nose contact at your feeding spreads disease.

Wisconsin has banned all recreational feeding of deer. Some counties have also banned baiting for hunting, which is not allowed in Minnesota for good reason.

Deer roaming around town like sacred cows in India is not natural. We've tried chemical deterrents, coyote decoys and scents and finally fencing. We put up fencing on all shrubs and trees around pre-rut in October and keep it up until green up in May or June. Even after that we must fence our garden or it would be destroyed by deer pests. Deer still push fence over and browse anything that sticks out. This deer prevention has been quite costly also.

There is a city ordinance prohibiting feeding deer in Silver Bay. Please obey it. I used to like deer and used to feel a twinge of sympathy when approaching deer I killed hunting. But now I think that's one less deer eating our shrubs and trees or one less deer I have to dodge driving to and from work. The deer are most active feeding at dawn when people go to work and school and at dusk when people return. During hunting season we try to kill as many of these vermin as we can and use them for what they are good for, dinner.

For all you deer feeders remember you have neighbors who have to put up with this unnatural herd of 25 to 30 deer every night. Please think of them.