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Congressman Nolan tours Silver Bay’s Wilderness Family Naturals

Wilderness Family Naturals CEO Ken Fischer shows Congressman Nolan an example of organic spices made at the Silver Bay business.

Ken Vogel

U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan visited Wilderness Family Naturals, a family owned natural food and organic product distributor in Silver Bay, on Tuesday, Aug. 5. Nolan took the opportunity to tour the expanding facility and met with the staff to answer questions.

Nolan said he appreciates the struggles of operating a small family business, recounting his own family business experiences with Emily Wood Products. “I know the challenges you face, and by listening to you I will address the concerns you identified when I return to Washington.”

Nolan said, “Visiting small businesses like Wilderness Family Naturals educates me on what I need to be doing in Washington.” He noted that learning about regulatory issues and import duty fees imposed on small companies like the Silver Bay distributor is the primary reason for these visits.

Nolan said, “I feel I have been sent to Washington to work; not become a professional fundraiser for re-election. I have not spent one hour in the call centers; I am working on the issues.”

According to Nolan, another work in progress is to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

He said he supports the increase for several reasons. “Currently, no one can live on the minimum wage.” He also cited that two-thirds of minimum wage earners are woman who cannot afford to sustain other responsibilities required to raise a family.

Nolan also believes that the increase would provide an incentive for people to go to work, saying, “If it’s profitable for people to be working, it benefits the entire community. Those dollars will be returned to the community by spending that otherwise would not be possible.”