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ELECTION 2012: Two Harbors Mayor


Candidate: Randy Bolen (i)

Occupation: Engineering Department for the DMIR/CN Railroad

Education: Two Harbors High School, Vermilion Community College

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

Job creation and retention, economic development and saving local government aid (LGA). I have been a dynamic leader promoting Two Harbors as a business-friendly area. Without jobs and economic development, you'll have no sustainability. We need leadership that can create powerful networking relationships with the players that bring prosperity to communities. I have been that leader working to make Two Harbors a player on the regional, state and federal levels and with that we need leadership that can fight for LGA on the state level to ensure our core services aren't affected. I'll continue to stand up for our town and be the leader our community has come to expect.

What qualities will you bring to the position of mayor?

A vision for our town's future. We must pay respect to our heritage and past, but we have to have vision to look towards our future. My next four years will see me working on projects such as: John A. Johnson property, Old Roundhouse development, marina, increased public safety, improving our infrastructure and lastly building community camaraderie by promoting all social entertainment activities. The mayor's job is to make a community a town, and that's what I'll work to do every day if re-elected.

Candidate: Mary Henjum Rosati

Occupation: At the present time, substitute for Independent School District and Two Harbors city councilor.

Education: Two Harbors High School and St. Petersburg College, Florida.

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

Our streets, sidewalks, and alleys all need tender love and care. I will continue to improve the conditions, look at the infrastructure, and stick to our comprehensive and five-year plans while sticking to the budget. I will also push for more small businesses to come to our city and look for future retailers to enhance our waterfront area, which will bring in more residents and tourists, enhancing our economy.

What qualities will you bring to the position of mayor?

I will bring the same qualities that I have brought to the City Council for the last 12 years. I am proud to have earned the "volunteer of the year" award this year, which proves that I am especially concerned with serving and helping the residents of Two Harbors whenever I can. We've heard enough promises over the last few months but I as mayor will insist on an open dialog between the citizens and the city hall to make sure the people of our town have a voice.