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ELECTION 2012: Two Harbors City Council


Councilor at large

Candidate: Richard Rosati

Occupation: Retired military of 32 years and public school administrator of 26 years.

Education: Bachelor of Science from a major college with four advanced degrees. Gentleman by an act of Congress with a presidential appointment.

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

The excessive spending that has been going on while not sticking to the budget and revamping it at a whim has become a major problem. Setting the budget is of utmost importance and changing it only in an emergency can help solve this huge issue.

What will you bring to the City Council?

My wife and I ran the golf course for two years, and they were for the last two years it operated in the black. We know how and have the expertise to bring it back in line without help from the liquor store or depleting enterprise funds.

If elected, I will not accept any pay or benefits for my services. I have and know how to handle countless individuals as an officer and administrator.

Candidate Robin Glaser (write-in candidate)

Occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse at Lake View Clinic

Education: Two Harbors High School and Lake Superior College

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

The current state of our enterprise funds needs to be reviewed and we need to find new ways of funding projects so we do not deplete these funds any further. We need to be able to provide the current level of services to our citizens with less Local Government Aid and without increasing taxes.

Economic Development is an important piece of this; not only new industry, but working with our current businesses to help them grow and remain in the City. This will increase our tax base, and our population, all of which are vital to the future of Two Harbors.

The future of Two Harbors depends on all of us working together, setting priorities and having a clear vision. It will require working with County and State Representatives to make sure our voice is heard. I will do everything I can to be the voice of our City.

What qualities will you bring to the city council?

I am the former mayor of Two Harbors from 2001-2008 and a former city councilor from 1992-1997. I am a current member of the Charter Commission and have served several terms on the Planning Commission. I was honored in 2004 to be awarded the KBJR Women in Leadership Award. I have lived and worked in Two Harbors all my life.

Special election, council member ward 2

Candidate: Roger Simonson, running unopposed

Ward 3

Candidate: Cathy Erickson

Occupation: Finance, Funding & Management Specialist - Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium Serving 30 school districts in northeastern Minnesota

Education: Graduate of Two Harbors High School, BA in Management - College of St. Scholastica

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

Important issues that I'm hearing about from neighbors and friends from Two Harbors include:

Improving streets and sidewalks. I support continuing to work on areas throughout the city that are most in need of repair.

Stimulating economic development. I support marketing manufacturing strengths and land available for development within Two Harbors, along with promoting funds available to help finance projects.

What are we paying for? It's not always easy to understand why some decisions are made and how our tax dollars are being spent. I would strive to make complex government finance more understandable for residents.

What qualities will you bring to the City Council?

I feel I have a knack for taking complex funding issues and making them more understandable. I value being thoughtful on important decisions and weighing all outcomes before moving forward. I want to see our city provide its residents with a community that is safe, welcoming, and provides for social, recreational, and economic growth.

Candidate: Linda Newsome Melcher

Occupation: Private Consultant

Education: BA, Accounting; MA, Elem. Education; EdD, Educational Leadership

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

Community issues are apathy in City government and a community closed to new people and new ideas. I filed for the Ward 3 Council seat at 4:30 on the last day to file. No one else had filed. We need to be informed and take interest in what is happening in City government. We live in a community where bullying, threats, and closed doors are the norm. Change, new ideas, and new people are not welcome. I have been bullied and

threatened. In five years, a MILLION DOLLARS in financial reserves from the Municipal Liquor Store has subsidized the golf course. Our tax money is being wasted.

What qualities will you bring to the City Council?

I bring an outside view, financial acumen, and experience in collaboration that gets things done. I have a vision of a City that is vibrant and economically sustainable. In 5 years I funded consistent arts programming for the City and the schools.

Ward 4

Candidate: George H. Scheidt, running unopposed