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ELECTION 2012: Silver Bay Mayor


Candidate: Curt Anderson

Occupation: Retired from the Army Corps of Engineers, Duluth in 2004.

Education: Graduated from Wm. Kelley High School, Silver Bay 1959. Received extensive training in construction and managerial training while employed by the Corp of Engineers.

What are the most pressing issues for the city?

The city wanting to create an eco-park combined heat and power system.

The city is asking to bond for up to $15 million to build the eco-park. Private business should build this, not the city of Silver Bay.

Why do we have an excess levy every year? This year's request is 3-1/2 percent. We need to cut some spending, not increase it.

Do we need a windmill on our highest hill in Silver Bay? I don't think so. We need to fix our roads and water lines.

What will you do to address these?

If elected mayor, I will oppose the creation of the eco-park. Setting the city's priorities to repair the streets and water lines. Our streets are deplorable.

We need to ensure that Northshore Mining, our city's largest employer, stays viable and continues to operate for many years to come.

What qualities will you bring to the position of mayor?

Living here almost all of my life and caring about Silver Bay. I moved to Silver Bay in 1955 and have lived here since that time.

Candidate: Scott Johnson (i)

Occupation: Probation Officer

Education: Bachelor of Arts-Criminology

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

City finances are always number one. Anything we do is always governed by the budget. Recent years have been challenging as local aid to cities has been cut by the state. We have tried to maintain expected services with as low an impact on local property taxes as we could manage. We will have to manage our budget responsibly. We have very responsible department heads that have trimmed budgets in recent years.

Continued development of our business park is a goal. The park has always been in place to provide jobs and to diversify business opportunities. We have city staff who are always working to find funding for the park and working with prospects looking at locating in the park. I would like to find a way to rehabilitate our aging housing so young families can locate in Silver Bay without having to build new homes.

What qualities will you bring as mayor?

Experience. I am a graduate of the Blandin Community Leadership Program and have been involved in city government since 1987. I have developed good relationships with our local legislators, the County Board and other regional agencies. My goal at meetings is always to have people treated respectfully and to let them know that they are heard.

Candidate: Joanne Johnson

Occupation: Retired

Education: High school

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

I feel the most pressing issue in Silver Bay is economic development. Although we have wonderful things happening in our eco-park, we need more. I see Silver Bay turning a corner and becoming much more open-minded and ready to diversify. I would like to be a part of this; to help our city grow and be a place our children want to raise their children and a destination for those passing through. One of my passions is small business and encouraging those who are interested to take the step of owning their own business. I believe I have some very good ideas on how to do this and how to especially get our young people involved through education.

What qualities will you bring as mayor?

I am a lifelong resident of Silver Bay. I am a past and present member of the City Council. I am currently serving on the Economic Development Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission and the North Shore Management Board. I want to help lead our city become even more magnificent than it already is and I believe I have the passion to do this. I am very much a "people" person and believe my reputation precedes me.