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ELECTION 2012: Silver Bay City Council


Councilmember at large; elect 2

Candidate: Dustin Goutermont

No response received

Candidate: Carlene Perfetto (i)

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address them?

We need to expand job opportunities in our area. We need to expand our sights into new areas. There is nothing that I can do personally to forward progress, but I will work with my fellow councilors to bring new sources of income to the city's coffers by promoting viable businesses to come here provide needed tax dollars to our rolls, hiring our people for their business including our recent graduates during or after college.

What qualities will you bring to the city council?

I have been on the council for the last 12 of 16 years. I worked in city government for 24 years before that. I am truly interested in making Silver Bay a place where my family members would love to come home to after college or some other type of secondary education. I think this city has so much to offer all of us, but we have to work together, step up to the plate, and follow through; good, bad, or indifferent.

Candidate: Jack Swanson

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address them?

I have lived in Silver Bay since July of 1995. My wife and I chose to move to Silver Bay when we retired because it is a small city and appeared to be well-kept and maintained. The residents are pleasant and easy to meet. This has all proven to be true except for one area: City Hall. After attending many council meetings and listening to many people's complaints, 16 years later I decided to try to do something, so I filed for council. The city has regressed from what we have first seen. The streets haven't been kept up and the council doesn't seem to care. There are now a fair number of yards and homes that are bringing, shall we say, a blight into the city. Again, there is at best a poor, if any, response from City Hall. I'm asking for your vote on the Nov. 6 and hopefully we can work together and change what is happening.

What qualities will you bring to the City Council?

Experience in City Council.