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ELECTION 2012: Lake Superior School District School Board


School Board Member District 3

Candidate: Dwight Moe (i), running unopposed

School Board Member District 4

Candidate: Cyndi Ryder (i), running unopposed

Special election for School Board Member District 5

Candidate: Thomas Burns

School Board Member District 6

Candidate: Mark Broin

Occupation: Business consultant; company director; retired vice president-International Dairy Queen, Inc.

Education: information technology, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, biology, veterinary medicine, and business law

What are the most pressing issues for the school district? What will you do to address these?

Financial operating challenges and student standardized testing performance are critical issues for District 381.

My objective, in addressing these issues, is to assure a primary focus on the delivery of high quality and effective education experiences for every student. These experiences must be delivered in a manner consistent with prudent financial management, fiscal accountability, shared sacrifice, mutual respect, and exceptional levels of student, family, administration, teacher, and community interaction. All these goals must be pursued with assurances district children learn in clean, safe and well-maintained facilities.

What qualities will you bring to the school board?

I have a proven track record working with Hopkins School District #270 for more than 15 years, serving on numerous operating and fund-raising committees, coordinating certain community and school athletic programs (as president of the local 1100 member soccer club), and am a founding member of the Hopkins Education Association.

I have experience with the structuring of Minnesota school district financial accounting and reporting, and have a reputation in business as a committed and excellent financial manager, successful problem solver and respected leader.

Candidate: Shannon Fabini

Occupation: Cooperative Light & Power, billing/cashier

Education: Duluth Technical College and Duluth Business University

What are the most pressing issues for the school district? What will you do to address these?

Bullying. With the amount of social media available to our youth today, bullying has expanded to a 24-hour problem. I strongly agree with and support the anti-bullying program Two Harbors High School has put in place. If elected, I will strive to help this initiative grow and expand. Communication is essential in being able to assess situations and make appropriate decisions. I will work to convene the various parent/teacher groups in our district and utilize their expertise to evaluate issues facing our youth and solve them in a collaborative manner. All outcomes should be worthwhile and measurable so they can be easily replicated and shared with other communities.

I completely and passionately support my slogan. I will always be "Committed to Our Kids and Our Community."

I am honest, fair, logical and reliable. I will listen with an open mind and treat students, parents, faculty and fellow board members with respect.