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ELECTION 2012: Lake County Board


District 1

Candidate: Lee Davis

Occupation: Operations Supervisor Northshore Mining

Education: Power Generation U.S. Army Ft. Belvoir Va.

What are the most pressing issues for the county? What will you do to address these?

Maintaining services, with a decreasing population.

Take advantage of our assets; create an environment for businesses to grow. The broadband initiative is a great example of forward thinking. Be on a proactive course to make our area enticing to new businesses. Combine resources between government agencies, to reduce duplication. Promoting natural resources for recreational activities. Promoting four seasons of tourism, to benefit existing businesses, and create new ones. Bring back jobs by having the services needed to encourage businesses to locate here. Allowing people to stay in our area, keeping students in our schools, and customers in our businesses. Utilize our volunteers and recognize the work they do helping our residents.

What qualities will you bring to the county board?

Common sense. Use my experience to interact with state representation, to bring needs to the forefront. I live and work in Lake County; my children want to return here. I would like to make that possible. My parents live here on a fixed income. Low taxes are a must to maintain our population. Raising taxes would mean losing residents, meaning a lower tax base, creating a downward spiral. Controlling spending, coordinating government, and increasing income by promoting use of natural resources will generate business and sustain what we have.

Candidate: Peter R. Walsh

Occupation: Maintenance at Lutsen Resort

Education: Firefighter 1-2 EMT, assorted emergency management courses

What are the most pressing issues for the county? What will you do to address these?

As with any governmental body, money will be the biggest issue. With the financial state of both the country and the state, I see less moneys coming to the county. With my work with both the fire department and the county rescue, I have the ability to work with and understand budgets. I believe as a county we need to promote Lake County as a place to start or bring a business to that will provide living wage jobs. I will work with the cities and townships to help find business that will create employment.

What qualities will you bring to the county board?

I will bring years of experience to the county board. I have been the fire chief in Finland for the past 12 years and the county-wide coordinator of Lake County rescue for three years. I have the ability to work with people and issues. I plan to bring a common sense and get-things-done attitude with me to the board.

District 2

Candidate: Rick Goutermont (i)

Occupation: Control room operator for Northshore mining

Education: William Kelley High School

What are the most pressing issues for Lake County? What will you do to address them?

The largest issue facing the county is maintaining the proper level of services for the Lake County residents at the lowest, reasonable cost.

I will continue to be involved in all county programs in order to determine which ones need to be improved, expanded, reduced, eliminated or realigned.

I will continue to work hard to maximize the revenues Lake County can receive from our many acres of public lands. Through maintaining and increasing both federal and state PILT payments, forest management, and the leasing and sale of county land.

I will work to reduce state and federal mandates and also the funding of these mandates to come from the agency requiring them.

I support reasonable development and job creation in order to spread the tax burden across a larger tax base thus reducing the burden to the individual property owner.

What qualities will you bring to the County Board?

I bring 20 years experience in county and city government and the ability to apply a common sense, level headed approach to resolving issues facing the county. I have a good working relationship with our state and federal legislators and have been appointed by our past three governors to serve on state councils and commissions.

Candidate: Patricia (Pat) Taylor

Occupation: Town Board Supervisor. Member Board of Adjustment. Business Owner 22 years.

Education: K-12 Minneapolis Public Schools, SBA: Business ownership/records/law/etc., paralegal, harcourt on-line, 8 years Minnesota Association of Townships certificate courses on local government, numerous seminars on: land use: soil/water, environment, septic systems, roads, bridges, dams, etc.

What are the most pressing issues for the county? What will you do to address them?

Continuing population losses and job creation. We came back before, we can again! Continue actively "marketing" Lake County using all the "sales tools" we now have including the Internet (proficient since 1996), and broadband (soon). I am now focusing on making broadband work for everyone including work-from-home jobs. Continue working with the Legislature and other entities on the State General Tax, assisting constituents and others wade through government "red tape," fair property assessments, the current Rural Post Office situation.

What qualities will you bring to the board?

Experience, patience, integrity, honesty, connections.

District 3

Brad Jones (i), running unopposed

District 5

Rich Sve (i), running unopposed