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Northern lights dance across the Northland sky (with video)

Arcs and rays of northern lights appear to flame across the northern sky as seen from Rice Lake Township Saturday night. (Bob King / / 2

The northern lights put on quite a show over the Northland from Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

"Large, curving swaths of fuzzy light are now all over the northern sky and spilling into the southern sky across the constellation of Gemini," Duluth News Tribune photo editor Bob King wrote on his Astro Bob blog shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday. "No distinct forms but lots of aurora."

In an update at 11 p.m., King reported that "the display broke into a splendid series of rayed arcs across the northern sky plus a couple odd, isolated glowing patches in Leo and west of Orion."

The northern lights remained visible well past midnight in the northern sky. News Tribune readers reported via Facebook that they saw the aurora from within the Duluth city limits - from the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood and at Brighton Beach - as well as in Lakewood Township and near Esko.

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