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Area couple honored for woodland management work

Private landowners, Lana Jackson and John Rinne, were recently honored for their commitment and contributions to the sustainable management of some of Minnesota's most important woodlands - its private forests.

The couple was given the Private and Public Partnership Award by the Minnesota Forest Resources Partnership in respect for their numerous forestry improvement activities on 550 acres of forestland located north of Brimson, and their willingness to share their management ideas with public and private land managers and landowners.

Rinne and Jackson dedicated numerous volunteer hours to ensure that a statewide Intermediate Stand Treatment Workshop, hosted by the MFRP in Brimson, was a success. "John and Lana were invaluable to the success of the day," MFRP Executive Director Kathleen Preece said.

Jackson and Rinne hosted the workshop on their private woodlands near Brimson. They provided insights into numerous management techniques, as well as shared their philosophies on stewardship, markets, and timber stand improvement.

"Even after the one-day event, they kept the message of good stewardship alive by distributing the information packets prepared for that day, ensuring that their friends and woodland neighbors have the information for the management of their own lands," Preece said.

The MFRP is a statewide, non-profit corporation of the state's largest forest land managers and landowners, including the US Forest Service, Department of Natural Resources, county land departments, forest industry, private landowners, and Minnesota utilities.

In 2010, Rinne was honored by the Minnesota Tree Farm Program for his timber management efforts, particularly the white pine species. His harvesting, replanting, control of insect and disease issues, and development of a trail system were lauded by the state committee. The woodland owned by the couple has been certified as a tree farm for over 36 years.