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ELECTION 2012: Local election guide

Click the links to see answers to our questions for local candidates before you make your choice on election day.

The Lake County News-Chronicle contacted all of the candidates running for a contested seat in Lake County using contact information (e-mail or telephone) listed on the Minnesota Secretary of State website for all candidates certified for election.

Write-in candidates who formally announced their candidacy to the News-Chronicle were also included.

Candidates were notified on Oct. 25 and given until noon on Oct. 30 to respond to the questionnaire. Candidates were given a 150-word limit for their responses to the two questions. They were notified if they significantly exceeded the limit and asked to send shortened versions.

The newspaper is not responsible for errors in candidates' submissions. As with letters to the editor and all reader submissions, the newspaper reserves the right to edit material for accuracy, space and civility.

Incumbents are denoted with (i) following their names.