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Glaser to join councilor's race


Robin Glaser has announced that she will run for the Two Harbors City Council's at-large seat as a write-in candidate. She will be facing Richard Rosati in November. Prior to Glaser's decision, Richard Rosati was running unopposed. Glaser, who ran for mayor and won with a write-in campaign in 2001, was also on the Two Harbors City Council for five years and was the first woman to serve as its president.

Glaser has taken some time off from local politics, but said that her reasons for running boil down to one issue.

"I think that elections are all about choices. When people start asking 'will you run?' because they're looking for choice, you have to ask yourself that question," she said.

She said she gave the idea some thought and put the question to her family and friends.

"My son came home in July and I got [my family's] feelings on [running for office]. When I knew I had their support and the support of a few close friends, I decided I could do this," she said.

Richard Rosati, whose political experience includes over 40 years with the DFL and Oberstar campaigns, has steered clear of running for local office in the past , but he came forward as a candidate for the city council's at-large seat after his wife, Mary Henjum Rosati opted to challenge Randy Bolen in the mayoral race. Until then, no one had come forward to run for Henjum Rosati's seat on the council.

To Robin Glaser, Rosati said, "Congratulations and welcome to the race."