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New endeavor for Northshore Tractor Club

For several years the Northshore Tractor Club has donated thousands of dollars to the Smile Train Foundation that has helped many unfortunate children suffering from cleft lip and palate problems.

The club is now undertaking a new project of building a scholarship program to be awarded this spring to a high school senior and, or college student pursuing a career in the industrial trade fields.

"We are looking for students that are interested in going into the fields that support this area; things like carpentry, millwrights, electricians, mechanics, forestry, agriculture and other trades that benefit the area," said Allen 'Doc' Anderson of the tractor club.

Anderson said that students graduating from high school in 2017 or are currently enrolled in a vocational or college program are encouraged to apply for a scholarship by April 20 for consideration.

The criteria for consideration includes that the applicant must be attending a technical or college program in the 2017-2018 school year with the intent of receiving a degree in forestry, agriculture, horticulture, or the construction or manufacturing trades. These include carpentry, mechanics, bricklaying, millwright and welding.

Applications should be sent to Gerald Sunberg by April 20 for review. Selected applicants will be asked to prepare a short introduction at the April and May tractor club meetings and selected recipients will be required to participate in the Sept. 16 scholarship tractor club ride.

The scholarship funds will be distributed to the educational institute to be used for educational purposes if the student has confirmed a grade point average of at least 2.7.

The goal of the club is to raise $2,000 this year. Anyone interested in donating to this scholarship program can contact Gerald Sunberg at (218) 525-4133 or Allen Anderson at (218) 226-4845.

Any interested applicants for a scholarship should contact the above named contacts as soon as possible.