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TH boys’ soccer is a no-go this year

After months of trying to generate interest, Two Harbors wasn’t able to field a soccer team this year.

“It’s not an easy decision and it’s pretty frustrating,” said Scott Ross, THHS athletic director, at a school board meeting last Thursday. “I think there were several people working, trying to get those numbers up.”

The Lake Superior School District Board ultimately voted to suspend the program for the 2014-15 academic year and give it another go in the fall of 2015.

“We’re all bummed out but we’re just looking for solutions,” said Chris Swanson of the Two Harbors Soccer Club.

Ross said that 10 players had agreed to play, but they needed 15 for a full squad. He held monthly meetings throughout the spring in an effort to recruit players, but the number of committed players never rose above 10. Ross sought the board’s decision so that other teams could finalize their game schedules.

“We’ve got some teams that are waiting on us to make a decision,” he said.

Swanson said that the city soccer club would work on recruiting players for the younger teams, with the hope that those kids will later feed the varsity program. He also said that the players who committed to the team this year, will try to interest their peers in the team for the 2015-16 season.

Teacher evaluation structure in the works In 2011, the Minnesota legislature passed a bill requiring school districts to develop formal evaluations for teachers and the Lake Superior School District has been working to meet the mandate.

The state created a plan that districts could use, but also gave them the option to design their own teacher evaluations. Administrators in Lake County opted to create their own system, and the district is also contracting with Educational Leadership, a Mississippi-based firm offering data management tools and services to schools, to help firm up the evaluation system.

Teacher evaluations under the new system will begin this fall.

Staff signing off A number of staff resignations and retirements were approved at the meeting. Ann Hastings, a fourth grade teacher at Minnehaha Elementary School, will retire this year after 20 years of working in the district. Two head cooks in the district are retiring after 24 years of preparing student meals – Robin Hanson will retire from William Kelley School and Karen Wick will hang up her apron at Two Harbors High School. After 22 years of service, bus driver Alan Lampela will retire and William Kelley Schools’ administrative assistant, Jolene Koster will leave her post after 34 years. Eve Hessler has decided to say “adios” after three years as THHS’ Spanish teacher years.

In addition, the contracts of two probationary teachers will not be renewed for the fall.