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School garden sets down roots

The Women in Construction class poses with instructor Kyle Chalupsky in front of their completed shed. They spent the semester building the structure which will now hold tools and other necessities for the school garden. Photo by Leah Bott.1 / 2
Students plant seeds in the school garden at Two Harbors High School. Photo by Leah Bott.2 / 2

From Leah Bott, Lake County SHIP coordinator

The students at Two Harbors High School have been busy planting in the school garden as well as making plans for summer care and harvest in the fall. The garden and shed were funded by a SHIP grant, the season extenders (row covers) were purchased through an student-written AGE to Age grant and the compost bin was paid for through a student-written Northland Foundation Youth in Philanthropy grant. The shed was built by the Women in Construction class at the high school, taught by Kyle Chalupsky. There will be students working in the garden this summer through Targeted Services, a Community Education class and the Enviro Club, but we’re always open to additional volunteers who may be interested in helping. Produce harvested in the fall will go into the school salad bar.

Contact Leah Bott, the SHIP coordinator if you’re interested in volunteering. She can be reached at 218-834-8520 or