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First graders learn with worms

Cole Anderson and Coleton Starkovich intently study a worm during class. Photo Michelle Ketola. 1 / 3
Rochelle Dean and Brenna McQuiston are a tad apprehensive while studying their worm. Photo by Michelle Ketola. 2 / 3
Brandon Mitchell dissects his worm as teacher Mrs. Ellis looks on. Photo by Michelle Ketola. 3 / 3

Mary Jo Taintor, first grade teacher

William Kelley Elementary

We have worms! Yes, for science class the first graders at Kelley Elementary are studying the life cycles of wax worms, meal worms, and butterfly larvae. The students, under the direction of Mrs. Taintor and Mrs. Ellis are raising the various insects in their classrooms to study and compare the four unique life cycle stages – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Although the first three stages are similar, the insect adult stages are very different. The students are excited to witness the various insect transformations!