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Two Harbors police report: Sept. 2

Monday, August 22

l 1:19 a.m. Traffic stop for erratic driving.

l 5:47 Traffic stop for stop sign violation.

l 12:31 p.m. Report of dog that got loose from owner and ran away.

l 6:22 One for arrested for underage drinking and driving and underage consumption.

l 8:21 Traffic stop for speed.

Tuesday, August 23

l 10:36 a.m. Performs follow-up to active investigation.

l 2:12 p.m. Report of dog complaint on 16th Avenue. Spoke with owner.

l 4:27 Report of dog found near Third Avenue.

l 5:28 Assists Lake County Sheriff's Office for warrant arrest.

l 8:10 Report of intoxicated female swimming at Burlington Bay. Officers transported one to Duluth.

Wednesday, August 24

l 12:06 p.m. Report of harassing phone calls.

l 4:03 Report of gas drive off from local business. Located owner and said they would go back and pay bill.

l 7:31 Report of dogs running loose on Third Avenue.

l 7:36 Report of fraud text messages being sent as Two Harbors Federal Credit Union messages. Advised to not follow instructions of message.

l 9:19 Traffic stop for fail to stop for through highway and no proof of insurance.

l 10:01 Traffic stop for fualty tail lights.

l 10:07 Report of people who responded to text message scam. Advised to contact bank in the morning to see where money was withdrawn from.

Thursday, August 25

l 12:14 a.m. Traffic stop for expired registration.

l 7:05 Report of small child outside on Third Avenue. Spoke with parent.

l 11:19 Report of possible abandoned vehicle parked near South Avenue.

l 3:18 p.m. Report of two-vehicle accident in parking lot of local business.

l 4:57 Report of gas drive-off from local business. Unable to locate.

l 5:42 Report of suspicious vehicle driving without license plates. Unable to locate.

l 7:32 Report of possible theft from local business. Property collected.

l 9:02 Traffic stop for driving after suspension and no proof of insurance.

l 9:37 Traffic stop for speed.

l 10:01 Report of neighbor dispute.

l 10:05 Report of new phone number for Two Harbors Federal Credit Union text scam. Officer contacted cell company to report as scam and shut it down.

Friday, August 26

l 1:06 a.m. Locates open door. Checked building and secured.

l 2:35 Two wrong direction parking citations issued.

l 4:37 Report of neighbor dispute.

l 6:10 Report of dog barking on Second Avenue.

l 12:15 p.m. Report of someone who received Two Harbors Federal Credit Union text message scam.

l 3:21 Report of grass fire near Depot. Fire extinguished prior to arrival.

l 4:45 Report of domestic dispute. Officer mediated situation.

l 7:13 Suspicious vehicle parked near Burlington Bay.

l 7:21 Report of disturbance near Seventh Street.

l 9:58 Report of deer hit by car on Seventh Avenue.

Saturday, August 27

l 12:05 a.m. Report of disturbance near Fifth Avenue. Unable to locate.

l 12:21 Report of barking dog on 14th Avenue.

l 1:59 Report of vehicle driving recklessly near Breakwall and First Avenue. Unable to locate.

l 6:00 Traffic stop for faulty headlamp.

l 6:08 Traffic stop for speed.

l 8:15 Report of unauthorized garbage dump near Third Avenue.

l 8:30 Traffic escort for oversized equipment being hauled through town.

l 9:37 Report of possible missing child. Child showed up while report was being made.

Sunday, August 28

l 12:09 a.m. Traffic stop for speed.

l 12:38 Traffic stop for faulty tail light.

l 12:55 Traffic stop for faulty headlamp.

l 12:10 p.m. Traffic stop for stop sign violation.

l 1:00 Report of two-vehicle accident on Seventh Avenue.

l 1:06 Death investigation of self-inflicted gunshot wound. Investigation ruled a suicide.

l 8:12 Report of suspicious odor near Eighth Avenue. Unable to locate.

l 11:57 Traffic stop for faulty headlamp.

l 11:57 Report of suspicious vehicle. Party making phone call.