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Six deer bagged in first Two Harbors deer hunt

Archers have taken six deer since the opening of the Two Harbors city deer hunt last week.

As of Wednesday, five does and one buck were harvested by a combination of five hunters since the season started Saturday. Those who registered for the hunt have to shoot and kill a doe before they can hunt for a buck.

Two Harbors police officer Lauren Miller said there were no problems reported to police in relation to the hunt. The police department is responsible for managing it.

The deer hunt was organized by the police department, the city's public affairs committee, and the Two Harbors Drop Tine Chapter of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association in hopes of cutting back on the deer population that is dwelling in the city which has been destroying gardens and landscaping and posing a hazard to motorists.

More than 30 residents registered for this year's hunt. Hunters are not allowed to hunt within 200 feet of any building, road, trail, park, school, or residence except in certain spots that have been deemed safe for hunting. This includes areas around the former Two Harbors High School, Lakeview National Golf Course, and Pamida.

Residents with safety concerns or other problems regarding the hunt should contact the police department by calling 834-5566. Comments can also be made to the Drop Tine Chapter by visiting their web site, droptinechapter. com.

The website also contains a map of designated hunting zones, a list of city hunt rules and regulations, and a city hunt checklist. The Drop Tine Chapter can also be contacted by calling 206-2660 or by sending an email to info@droptinechapter. com.

This year's archery deer hunt runs until Dec. 31.