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Lake County Past: Dec. 24

From Lake County newspaper archives.

100 years ago, 1910

With a possible strike of firemen and engineers, Superintendent Owens is arranging for a joint meeting of engineers, conductors, firemen, brakemen, yardmasters, and switchmen to take place in the near future. The object of the meetings will be to discuss matters of importance in connection with work. Mr. Owens will probably send out an order for the men to be present instead of sending out an invitation.

Xmas times two

After much discussion of the subject and much difference of opinion as to wheth-er Sunday or Monday will be observed as Christmas, the matter has simmered down to a determination that Sunday will be observed as the religious holiday and Monday at the public holiday. By virtue of its being a public holiday, Monday will also be observed as a holiday by people in general with stores closing and the banks also.

75 years ago, 1935

The first serious wreck on the D.M.&N. in several years occurred when the freight between Two Harbors and Duluth, south bound, was wrecked on the first curve north of French River. The engine, piloted by Edward M. McCowan, left the rails but stayed on the ties but 17 cars piled up on one another so as to obstruct traffic with scattered plywood over 300 feet.

50 years ago, 1960

In light of hospitalization, Clyde Adams was certain his perfect attendance record was about to be shattered. But, thanks to fellow Rotarians Ralph John and Wally Hohman of the DM&IR Telephone department, Clyde was able to "attend" the meeting by having special telephone communications set up in his hospital room and get credit for attendance.

Dear Santa

"I haven't exactly been a good boy all year long, but would you please bring me a red fire engine anyway. My little sister wants a doll stroller. Thank you, Santa." Craig and Kelly Kempffer

"I haven't any bride doll. Could I get one from your pack? Do you have a dump truck. I don't! I don't have any pick-up trucks either. My brother wants all those things. I want lots of dolls and toys. I hope I see you this year on Christmas Eve." Bruce and Elaine Suoja

25 years ago, 1985

Christmas Eve may seem peculiar for an anniversary in these days of many weeks of vacation benefits but 65 years ago, when Fritz and Ida Lundberg were married, six-day work weeks were the order of the day. So they decided to get married on Christmas Eve to allow them Christmas Day before Fritz went back to his job.

Now, 65 years and four children later, Fritz and Ida looked back remembering a lot of work, some tough times with a growing family during the Great Depression and a lot of progress and good times as well.