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Northern Rail Traincar Inn joins chamber

Photo courtesy of the chamber.

From the Two Harbors Area Chamber of Commerce

The Two Harbors Area Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome new member Northern Rail Traincar Inn. The inn first opened in June of 2002 and Cyndi Ryder, the current owner, has been working there since January of 2008. In April 2013, Cyndi and her husband Jeff took over the business and haven't looked back since.

When you enter into the the Northern Rail Traincar Inn, you immediately realize that you are in for a unique and wonderful experience. Each of the 17 boxcar rooms are tastefully decorated with a different individual theme. The Northern Rail Traincar Inn has been featured in numerous publications such as:

Peter Greenberg's list of The World’s 10 Most Unusual Hotels

Hotel Info’s 101 Amazing Hotels

iVillage's list of the 10 Craziest Hotels in America

Trip Advisor’s list of the 10 Quirkiest Hotels in the Country

Northern Rail Traincar Suites

1730 County Highway 3, Two Harbors

(218) 834-0955