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Ho-Ho-Home Decorating

The holiday season is coming around again, and the pressure is on to

transform your home for the season. Are you excited? Determined?

Concerned about the pressure? Some people really look forward to the

season, while others dread dragging out all those old decorations, buying new ones and being judged by how decorated the house is. Decorating can actually be a fun part of the holiday season. The key is getting everyone in the family involved and looking at it as an opportunity to come together rather than something you have to do.

Christmas is a holiday about bringing families together, and decorating can be the first day you do that. Set a time when you and your family, whomever you include in that group, can get together over a meal and put up the decorations. You can turn this into a festive work party with music, food and beverages - a real celebration of the season and family. This will make for less work for everyone and someone might even have a great decorating idea that will turn into a tradition.

There are a few simple ways you can customize your home on the cheap. Take

a hole punch to all those leftover pieces of wrapping paper and make confetti. Strew the confetti across your holiday table, sprinkle it on pine cones or save it for your New Year's Eve party. You can also double the wrapping paper and cut simple Christmas shapes out of them, like bells, Christmas trees and stars. Hang these from banisters, doorways and curtain rods with a simple piece of string. A little bit of glitter will catch the light as they dance and twinkle in the air currents. Buying

ribbon in bulk and learning to tie bows yourself is a great way to customize your home. Attach the bows to chairs, table legs and lamps or use a set as a centerpiece for your table. They are a great conversation piece and can be used time and time again.

Don't feel pressured to get your decorations up as soon as everyone else in the neighborhood. If you put up the decorations too early in the year, you might be tired of them before Christmas Day rolls around and feel the need to take everything down the day after, complicating your holiday plans and sapping some of your enjoyment.

The key to enjoying home decorating is to make it into a celebration-of your home, your family and the holiday - instead of looking at it as a required chore.

Keep that in mind, and you can really be merry this Christmas.