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Wedding Day: Make it memorable- give a gift they'll love

Newlyweds are easy to please. Cash or anything from their registry will do. But giving a wedding gift that stands out and is remembered - among the many dozens of other gifts they receive - comes down to two concepts: personal and/or practical.

Framed pictures, poems or artwork created for the newlyweds will become treasured keepsakes. Wedding planner Margilyn Valle recalls a couple who was especially touched to receive a plate featuring their engagement picture.

Some gifts, while practical, will also seem like luxuries. Wedding

planner Kim Sorensen recommends gift certificates to restaurants and

other special events that, in essence, enable the couple to go on a

date. "Those first few years can be rough financially," Sorensen says.

"If they just get money, they won't use money to go out to eat. So gift

certificates to things like movies or theatre tickets with dinner, that's

something they're probably not going to spend their money on those

first few years."

Other memorable gifts are those that are practical and cool. Nambé servingware is a popular example, according to Jack Seiler of Security Jewelers. Made from a combination of silver and aluminum, the bowls, pitchers, wine coasters and salt and pepper shakers are like functional artwork. "You can take it out of the oven, you can put it in the freezer. You don't ever have to polish it, it doesn't tarnish," Seiler says.

"And they have some of the coolest designs you will ever see."

Likewise, Mystic Woodworks cutting boards are popular at Bagley and Company. "The cutting boards have color in them, so they're always different and they say what woods are in them," says Jan Slattery of Bagley's. "People like that they're made in the United States. And they're made with no metal inside, so if you're worried about bacteria, you can just nuke 'em."

Consider the couple's lifestyle when choosing a gift. If they like to entertain, Slattery suggests colorful glassware that's dishwasher

safe, serving utensils embellished with beads on the handle and

durable dishes that can be dressed up or down depending on the


Fun, functional, easy to care for - who wouldn't like that?