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CN train derails north of Two Harbors Monday

A Canadian National Railway train derailed Monday evening on a stretch of track about 30 miles north of Two Harbors. Two crewmembers were aboard the train, but early reports indicate that they were not badly hurt. The incident occurred less than three months after a runaway train roared into Two Harbors at over 50 mph, derailing, injuring crew members and turning dozens of cars into a twisted heap of metal.

This week’s incident took place about 6:30 p.m. in Fairbanks, in eastern St. Louis County, according to a CN spokesperson. About 50 of 116 cars derailed. Work crews were on site Tuesday clearing wreckage.

“CN crews are on scene this morning to begin cleanup of cars and iron ore pellets,” said CN spokesman Patrick Waldron. “CN will also conduct a full investigation into the cause of Monday night’s incident.” By press time, little more was known.

(“There were) fifty-some cars and two engines in the ditch,” said Clyde Larson, director of field operations for Hunegs, Le Neave and Kvas, a law firm that represents railway labor, adding that it’s too early to make a definitive determination as to the cause of the derailment.

“I would think they’d be coming up with something in the next few days,” he said.

The two men onboard, an engineer and a conductor, were taken by private vehicle to a local hospital for evaluation after the incident. Neither man appeared to be seriously injured.

“The crew is banged up a little bit, but nothing serious,” Larson said.