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Best of the Best

Caught in the act- Charlie likes Mom's UGG boots. Charlie belongs to Beth and Ross Nimens.1 / 24
Konner is pictured here camping with his best friend, Spencer, a Boxer belonging to Grandma Kris.2 / 24
Brannon Fennessey practicing Jedi moves with best friend Rylee. Submitted by Grandparents Bill and Marsha Fennessey.3 / 24
Alyssa Abramowski of Carlton, and her horse, BB, hang out in the field.4 / 24
My name is Floyd T. Basset. I live in a great home with my pet parents, Pete and Dana of Knife River.5 / 24
My name is Taliesin. Talie for short. I live in a great home with my pet parents, Pete and Dana of Knife River.6 / 24
Gus, a golden retriever, snatches a ball at his home in Oulu. Submitted by Brad and Cathy Carlson.7 / 24
In this photo is our 1-year-old black lab, Duke, with his "sister" Olivia Moris at Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.8 / 24
Delaney, a 9-month-old Golden Retriever with her "Papa," sent in by Carrie Landman of Duluth.9 / 24
Shalane Lamont sent in this close-up of Pumpkin, called "Blinded by the Light."10 / 24
Julie Kiminski of Superior sent in this photo of Tyler Kiminski and his best bud, Max. Tyler tells everyone that Max is his little brother!11 / 24
Riley Perrella sent in this photo of her dog, maddy, a Bichon Frise.12 / 24
Pictured here is Chloe Kurkinen and Chelsea of Superior. Chelsea was born at Chloe's grandparents house in 1995!13 / 24
Abbie loves spending time with her horse, Mercedes.14 / 24
Daisy, a Corgi/Chow Chow mix, braces to get hit by a wave while playing ball in Lake Superior. Owned by Jed and Jenny Carlson, Superior.15 / 24
Linda Byrnes sent us a photo of her two rescues - 'The Girls'16 / 24
In loving memory of a very unique and dapper cat, Baby H.17 / 24
In memory - Brian Bailey sent us a photo of his 10-year-old lab Bo.18 / 24
Autumn Jo Johnson with her special buddy Rascall (she calls him Buddy as well.) Submitted by Grandma Cathy Johnson.19 / 24
Mary Lasky of Duluth sent in a photo of her best friend, Baby Nutmeg. They do everything together!20 / 24
A little girl from Superior drew this picture of her favorite aunt and uncle with their dogs, Buddy (left) and Bear (right).21 / 24
Jazzy, a dilute calico, and Chloe, a cocker spaniel, have become fast friends and play hard together.22 / 24
This picture was taken on Lake Superior near Munising, MI. Two best buddies - Lynn and Sadie.23 / 24
Dustin Fennessey and Stephanie Sigurdson celebrating their engagement with Rylee and Mr. Fripp. Photo sent by Marsha Fennessey.24 / 24

Living North readers have proven once again what we already know --

we love our pets! We are thrilled to publish these priceless shots of our

readers and their pets. While difficult to choose, and with much debate,

we did select this year's best of the best, a grand prize winner:

Delaney - a 9-month-old Golden Retriever with her "Papa," sent in by

Carrie Landman of Duluth. We loved the way this photo captured the

bond between human and canine in a unique and understated

fashion. They have won a family membership to the zoo, courtesy of

the Lake Superior Zoo!