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Small Projects add up to a Big Appeal

In this economy, homeowners are watching every penny. But just because

money is tight, not every renovation plan has to be cast aside.

Smaller projects can revitalize a room without a big investment.

Homeowners who don't have much to spend don't need to compromise quality with smaller improvements. The good news is big appeal, albeit on a smaller scale, can be achieved with a few quick changes. Think more along the lines of a weekend project instead of a two-month venture.

To get started, homeowners should assess which rooms are used most and

begin there. What's the point of starting in a guest room or renovating the basement if it's only ever inhabited by dust bunnies? Put available funds to work on the rooms that are seen and utilized.

The kitchen, for example, is a popular room in many homes. If the budget doesn't allow for an overhaul of appliances or cabinetry, there are less expensive ways to modify the space. A new faucet can give the room a different look, as can replacing cabinet hardware and hinges. Revitalize the appearance of the room with new flooring, such as laminate that mimics the look of stone, wood or other natural surfaces. Change the accessories in a china hutch or hang some different artwork for an instant change.

Bathroom makeovers are often high on the list of improvements, but many

changes can be budget-busters. Think about improvements that alter what is

disliked. Outdated wallpaper can be removed and replaced with paint. Clean the grout around a bathtub to freshen the room in under an hour. Try a new color scheme, quickly achieved by replacing the old linens, bath mat and shower curtain.

Living room renovations can be as simple as changing some accessories or even replacing just one piece of furniture. Exchange a glass coffee table for an earthy leather ottoman that can also provide storage space for store toys or throw pillows. A simple swap of window treatments can also

dramatically revive the look of the room. If the seating has seen better days but a new set is not an option, fitted slipcovers are a quick (and generally low-cost) fix.

Kids' rooms can be improved with much needed storage space. Clear clutter from the floor by installing a closet organizing system with rods that children can easily reach. Older children may appreciate a room that reflects their maturity. Replace princess prints and dump trucks with bolder, sophisticated graphics. A little paint and some new bed linens will

bring about a different, more mature look.

For a dramatic change in a home with hardwood floors hidden by carpeting, take the weekend to pull up the carpeting and reveal the floors beneath. A weekend spent sanding and resealing is often all it takes to bring out the beauty of the wood. And that will instantly provide home equity while

increasing aesthetic appeal.

Another simple and very inexpensive way to renovate a home is to reduce. By

removing clutter and items that are simply collecting dust, homeowners can breathe new life into spaces.

Small touches are all that are needed to bring your home back to like-new life - without the drama, time and cost associated with an extensive remodel.