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Silver Bay homecoming

The entire homecoming court: Junior royalty Spencer Tiboni and Aubrey Thun, sophomore royalty Justin Ketola and Lyric Johnson, freshman royalty Zachary Lewis and Brooke McMillen, crownbearers Jaxon Thompson and Autumn Davies, king and queen Joe Miller and Rebekah Fragale and their court Hank Bemlott and Phoenix Lillis, Chad Smuk and Abby Michels, Jonah Koehler and Larissa Goettl, Zachary Duresky and Elizabeth Kuznik, Ethan Nelson and Kashmier Fueston, Brett Harkness and Marisa Roberts, Luke Small and B...1 / 3
Phoenix Lillis hugs queen Rebekah Fragale just after she is crowned. Photo by Michelle Ketola.2 / 3
King Joe Miller celebrates being crowned as the other nominees look on. Photo by Michelle Ketola.3 / 3

Silver Bay crowned its homecoming king and queen on Monday at the beginning of a week of homecoming festivities. We won't know until Friday night if the football teams won, but it's safe to say the week has been fun.