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Midnight Madness kicks of girls' soccer season

The current and former players pose together. Brice Hansen1 / 3
Coaches Jeff Peterson and Joe Tietge observe the madness. LaReesa Sandretsky2 / 3
The soccer field was lit for the game and practice. LaReesa Sandretsky3 / 3

Midnight Madness is an annual tradition for the Two Harbors girls' soccer team. The old Halstead Field is lit by blazing overhead lights and spotted with tents as the girls prepare for their first practice of the year--at midnight. Due to Minnesota State High School League regulations, the format has changed a bit over the years but the concept has remained the same.

The team meets at the field in the evening for dinner and teambuilding games and begins its first practice under the lights. This year, the stroke of midnight marked the beginning of an alumni game. A group of former team members showed up to play against the new crop of girls. The girls sleep on the field and the alumni wake them up bright and early with a hot breakfast, followed by another hour or two of practice.