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Minnehaha snowshoe hike a great success

On Friday, Feb. 20, third grade students from the Minnehaha Elementary went on a nature snowshoe hike in a local forest. The Minnehaha PTA purchased the snowshoes for our school and they have been put to good use by many of the classes over the past few years. The classes from Bill Ortman, Cindy Ortman, and Pam Wendling's classes have been studying animals, their tracks, and the habitats in which they live.

In their own words the following students wrote about their nature walk.

Katie McKinzie

You cannot believe what I saw today. We went snowshowing and we saw some tracks like deer, field mice, and wolf. Let's go back over 125 years. Have you ever heard of Abraham Lincoln? I have and guess what!! There's a tree Mr. Ortman named after him. It is a very old tree. Then, we walked along and saw a porcupine. That was cool to see! After we got to the bus, we took our snowshoes off and we went back to school and had hot chocolate.

Katie Archer

On Friday, we went snowshoeing. I saw a lot of tracks. We also saw a deer bed underneath a tree. There was a porcupine in the tree! I also got to hug a tree with Madison called Old Abraham. We saw a tree that looked like it could fall over soon. I had fun and the field trip took almost all afternoon.

Brooke Peterson

Our snowshoeing trip was really fun. We got to go walking in the woods and see snowshoe hare tracks, pinemarten tracks, timber wolf tracks, and tracks from a buck. We came to a tree lying on the ground with a hole in it. In the hole was a porcupine. He was moving around in his den!

Cassondra Prince

Brianna and I were kind of running with our snowshoes and I almost tripped when Brianna's snowshoe came off. Then I helped her get it back on. We saw some cool tracks. You can tell a buck's tracks from a doe's tracks because the buck drags its feet even in two inches of snow. We also saw a huge tree called Old Abe. We saw a cool porcupine in its den and it moved because it was scared and so we moved on. Brianna and I saw mink tracks and then we went to the bus. When we got back to school we had granaola bars and hot cocoa. It was very fun!

Maeve Ehlen

Our class went to Larsmont for some snowshoeing. When we got there it was a little hard to get my snowshoes on. Finally, we got to go on a trail. I got really tired. I wanted to rest, but we had to go on. We saw a bunch of tracks in the woods from snowshoe hare, fox, deer, timberwolf and pine marten. We saw holes in trees from woodpeckers. There was a big tree called Old Abraham. We got to hug the tree with a partner. It was so big! Mr. Ortrman led us to a wild animal by the tree We saw the tracks of an animal. Finally we followed the tracks to a den. It was a porcupine! After we got back to the bus I got to rest. We had hot chocolate and snack bars after our long hike.