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State nursery trees are available soon

Thirty-one million seedlings from state tree nurseries will go on sale in Minnesota Sept. 1, the Conservation Department announced today. The trees will be shipped next spring, probably around the middle of April or whenever the frost leaves the seed beds in the nurseries.

Seedlings are sold at a rate of $10 per thousand and orders must be for at least 500 trees. The purchaser pays the shipping charges or may pick up his trees at the nursery.

Trees from state-owned tree nurseries must be planted for conservation purposes and are not intended for ornamental use.

Species of trees available include Norway, Scotch and jack pine, white and black spruce, green ash, caragana and various other kinds of both hardwood and coniferous trees and shrubs.


Waif knows time of day

Tourists at Lax Lake are thrilled every morning by the presence of a young fawn which is so punctual and so early with its visits they have been forced to forego their beauty sleep to enjoy them. Deserted by its mother in early spring, it was brought to the Waxlax resort by Game Warden Allan and cared for until it was large enough to be turned loose.

Every morning at exactly 7 o'clock it comes for its morning milk, plays with the dog for a while and goes back into the woods. Tourists have made a bibler out of the spotted little beast so that it now prefers its beer to the regular course of milk. Given bread and butter, it licks the butter off and eats the bread after.

'Mike' at county fair tonight

A WEBC microphone, with Don McCall, the popular man of the street, will be broadcasting interviews from the Lake County Fair tonight. Mr. McCall will broadcast highlights of the fair and interview farmers as well as 4-H boy and girl members. The broadcast will follow the concert by the Two Harbors City band and entertainment features consisting of a slack wire performance and escape artist, the Duluth Central Y.M.C.A. athletic review and Carnerva, one of the finest magicians in vaudeville. The entertainment will be concluded by drawings for prizes donated by the Two Harbor's Merchants' Association and with Game Warden Emil Schaffer showing moving pictures in the commercial building.


Streams stocked

Minnesota Game and Fish Commissioner Car "Glenwood" went to Ely on Train No. 3 Wednesday morning, stopping at Lakewood, Knife River and Two Harbors to put off fish. Seventy-five cans of speckled trout fry were left at Two Harbors. Each can contained 250 fry from 2 to 2-1/2 inches long. A speeder was secured and 25 cans of the fry were taken up the Drummond Line for distribution. Knife River, the two Stewart Rivers, Silver Creek and Encampment River were stocked from the remainder.