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Lake County Past


Farm tour

A crowd of about 250 or more people attended the Lake County Extension farm tour at Scheib's farm. Five large hay wagons hauled by pickups or tractors were then filled with people when they went to the other fields and saw Cree, the wolf dog. Everyone seemed to enjoy the blueberry donuts which were served later.


Sees communism as over a peak

While communism was not taken lightly, that system has reached its peak and seemed certain to decline in world power was the opinion expressed to Two Harbors Rotarians by Rev. Reuben Youngdahl.

Rev. Youngdahl, pastor of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, who is in charge of the Cathedral of the Pines summer camp on the North Shore, recently returned from a visit behind the "iron curtain". He told club members and Rotary Anns at the meeting of his experiences in five communist nations. Rev. Youngdahl accompanied his talk with slides he had taken during his visit.

Veterans of Foreign Wars picnic

The sun shone on Sunday to help make the Veterans of Foreign Wars family picnic a huge success. Many families enjoyed eating out and the children had fun taking part in the many games for them. The adults had a tug of war which the Army won over the Navy for both the ladies and the men. The egg throwing contest was won by the champions Vi and Bud Kragseth and the grand prize of a boy's bike was won by Harold Scotland. Many other prizes were given away.


Blacktop for Highway 61

Ulland Brothers of Austin, Minn., began work on a $32,000 contract for a permanent blacktop surface for Highway 61 between Beaver Bay and Baptism River.

The work, which will be completed by Labor Day, is being done so as to give as little impediment to the tourist traffic as possible. A coat of tar is also being applied on the highway between Gooseberry and Beaver Bay which is also being done in a manner which obstructs traffic only to a slight degree, and is being covered with gravel as the work progresses in order that cars are not smeared with the substance.

State Movie Theater

Wuthering Heighths, the strangest love story ever told. Starring Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier, David Niven and Geraldine Fitzgerald. "I am Cathy ... I thought I could escape Heathcliff's strange, fierce love by marrying another, yet everywhere his tortured eyes are on me". "I am Heathcliff ... I married a woman I loathe ... to spite the woman I love!"


Heavy load

The steamer Wyoming, with the barge Scotia in tow, both loaded with pulpwood, cleared at 7 p.m. Friday, was obliged to return on account of the steamer being too heavily loaded. On Saturday, 50 cords of wood was transferred from the steamer onto the barge.