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Lake Co. Past: April 4


Star Theater

A special feature program, “Wild Animals at Large.” Two part feature – The funniest Picture on earth; free children’s matinee. Evening prices 5¢ and 10¢ - -Double header: “The Test “Two part vitagraph; “Deacon Billington’s Downfall” –Two part Edison comedy in which rum and high life is the ruin of the deacon. Adults 15¢ Children 10¢

Scarlet fever is on the increase

The scarlet fever epidemic which had been prevalent since the middle of March has occupied the attention of the local board of health and city officials. Seventeen new cases have developed, making a total of thirty-nine to date. There is great anxiety among parents especially, and strenuous efforts are being made to prevent the further spread of the disease. On recommendation of Dr. Burns an order has been issued discontinuing all the Sunday schools in the city, and all children under 15 years are prohibited from visiting the public library, YMCA, or either theaters in the city.


Special Easter worship services in local churches

The doors of the churches in the city will be open to the people of the community with special services for Easter morning. The choirs will render Easter music and in some churches there will be guest soloists.

High school chatter

Mr. George Peterson, president of the 1939 senior class of Two Harbors High School announces that next Saturday he will be eighteen. He thinks it is high time people stop calling him “Little Georgie Peterson” and give him a name that is appropriate for his dignified age.

Unemployment benefits

Three and one-half million workers who were temporarily unemployed during 1938 received a total of $400,000,000 in out-of-work benefits under state unemployment compensation laws.


Grocery specials

In the 1964 ad for Don – Bill’s IGA Foodliner: Arco Coffee for a 2 lb. tin $1.29; Eggs three dozen for 89¢; Center Cut Pork Chops 49¢ lb.; Loaf of White Bread 25¢

To extend four-lane road to Two Harbors

Construction of a four-lane highway between the Duluth eastern city limits and Two Harbors will head a list of $6,000,000 worth of state highway projects. Eventually the new highway will form a freeway traffic artery through the entire city of Duluth. It will be part of Interstate 35, a mammoth highway project extending to the Gulf of Mexico.


Cub Scouts pinewood derby makes way for raingutter regatta

The persistent ice in the harbor was no obstacle, because these boats sailed in rain gutters. The rain gutter regatta took the place of the pinewood derby, held each year by the local Cub Scouts. The scouting leaders opted for the seven-inch sailboats, that were raced, one heat at a time, in parallel rain gutters at the Minnehaha School.

Lake Superior lake level

Lake Superior’s water level at the end of February 1989 was about three inches above what it was one year ago in 1988 and about six inches below from March,