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Lake Co. Past: Dec. 27


Lake County has rich ore deposits

People who know conditions in Lake County have long been satisfied that there were vast iron ore bodies underlying the northern portion of the county that in time would add millions of dollars to the county’s resources. Very little drilling or prospecting has ever been done and aside from the one mine at Section 30, there are no developed properties within the county. There is no telling when some good prospect will be uncovered in Lake County that will cause a stampede in this direction. That the ore is here as is attested by one of the highest authorities in mining matters. George A. St. Clair of Duluth predicted there are 6,000,000,000 tons of undiscovered ore in Lake and Cook Counties.


Will usher in new year with several parties

Many Two Harbors residents will usher in 1939 with several house parties planned for the occasion. House parties have been planned by a number of people and the town will be scene of merry activities. Dancing parties are being put on by the Moose Lodge at the Moose Hall; the American Legion is having a party at The Keg; the Agate Bay Hotel a dance; the State Grill, a dancing party in the ballroom; a dance for the younger set at the clubhouse and a midnight movie at the Harbor Theatre.


Will vie for Frolics crown

Five candidates are in the field for the title of “Miss Two Harbors” and the winner will be crowned at coronation ceremonies during the 1964 Winter Frolic festivities. The five candidates are Mary Jo Parenteau, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Parenteau; Wanda Rose, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rose; Suzanne Wickstrom, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wickstrom; Dianne Dahlberg, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dahlberg; and Susan Cavallin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Swaney Cavallin.


To weave is to create

Helga Johnson of Two Harbors began weaving rugs in 1967. Her loom was made by her father-in-law, Einar Johnson for his wife, Ida. Helga learned weaving from her Finnish mother, preferring the log cabin pattern which has been handed down from mother to daughter and then shared with community members. As Johnson showed me a number of her rugs, the pride that she takes in her careful work is obvious. Weaving is a hobby for Irene Ronning, a management aide at Two Harbors High School. Ronning has had her four harness loom for 15 years, purchased from Anna Sjostrom. “Satisfaction comes in weaving through making something out of nothing,” said Ronning. Margaret Sande just took fourteen rugs off her loom in her basement. She threads her loom the way her aunt taught her. There is no name for her pattern; however, she is very particular of her color choices. May there be many rag rug weavers in the future thanks to the talented weavers who shared their interest.